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Payment Methods

We accept all major credit/debit cards (Visa, Maestro, AMEX and Diners Card) and payment via

PayPal, as well as Gift eVouchers.

VisaMaster CardMaestroDiners Club CardAmerican ExpressPayPal

Payment Problems

If your credit/debit card is rejected by our online payment processing systems, please double-
check that all of the details you entered were correct. If you are sure you are using a valid card,

please try again with the same credit/debit card or place the order again using a different credit/

debit card. If the problem persists, please contact your credit/debit card provider.

Your name and billing address details must match the card-holder address details held by your

card issuer.

If, for any reason, there is a problem with collecting payment from your credit/debit card after we

have confirmed receipt of your order, we will not be obliged to despatch your order.

Additionally, on some occasions, we may be unable to process an order. The reasons for this may

be due to:

The item being out of stock or no longer available; or

Your payment being declined; or

An unspecified technical error.


We encrypt your payment card details using industry standard SSL technology to ensure they are

kept completely safe and secure.

As part of our policy to protect against the fraudulent use of credit/debit cards, we conduct security

checks on all orders received. These checks can take various forms and may involve contacting

you by telephone before we process your order. We also work with various credit rating and fraud

prevention companies and we may share details of your order with them for the sole purpose of

detecting and preventing fraudulent use of cards.

MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa

Our online transactions are verified by either MasterCard SecureCode or Verified by Visa to give

you extra peace of mind. These services allow you to protect your credit/debit card with a

password that you set-up with your payment card issuer.

When you reach the payment page and have confirmed your order, you will also be asked to enter

your credit/debit card password. If you have not yet created a credit/debit card password with your

payment card issuer, simply follow the on-screen instructions to set this up, you will only need to do

this once.

Please note your order will only be processed once we have received authorisation from your

payment card issuer. Please contact your payment card issuer directly with any queries regarding

your credit/debit card password.

Products with Restricted Payment Options

Made to bespoke or measure items, accessories and fabrics.

Important Turkey Paypal Service Information

Please note that PayPal is no longer available for Turkish residents. Please visit the PayPal homepage for more information

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